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Rubber King

Thanks to Revstep's Trifecta strategy Rubber King launched a brand new direct-to-consumer brand. Within their first year started selling over $180k per month. Rubber King is now expanding to multiple countries using Revstep's International expansion strategies.

Sold over $180k per month in the first year using Revstep Exclusive Trifecta Strategy!

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New Brand

RevStep Managed

October 2019 – Current

The situation

The Situation

We teamed up with Dinoflex right as they decided to launch a “direct-to-consumer” brand called Rubber King. Amazon wasn’t initially a strategy they considered but as we outlined their opportunity on Amazon, they decided it was worth promoting their brand on the platform. Revstep was there from the very beginning to consult on branding, images, content, and logistics.

Rubber King appreciated the importance of launching a product the right way. Revstep helped Rubber King create and execute a successful launch strategy that grew from 0 sales on Amazon to joining the $100k club (gross sales reaching over $100K in a month) after only 5 months post launch.

What Revstep Did

  • Shot product photography and edited images
  • Maximized keywords and updated content
  • Boosted reviews and ran valuable PPC campaigns and promos
  • Consulted on logistics of their oversized and heavy product
  • Assured quality management for optimized listings


  • Launch new listings
  • Drive traffic (sessions)
  • Create PPC strategy 


Revstep drove Rubber King’s explosive growth from the first day they got product in the Amazon warehouses, surpassing their expectations. After two months of sales, Rubber King asked Revstep for a one million dollar annual sales plan. Revstep instead delivered a $2 million plan that Rubber King is poised to exceed in their second year.

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