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Origin Glass Co.

Thanks to Revstep's Trifecta strategy they went from less than 10k in revenue per month to over 1,000% increase in their sales in a manner of months.

Origin Glass Co. Sales Increase by +1,453%!

Client Managed

Jul 2017 – Mar 2018

RevStep Managed

Mar 2018 – Current

The situation

The Situation

Origin Glass Co. started off on Amazon as a different brand. Their name was confusing, sales were sluggish, and PPC spend was sky high with low traffic and conversion rates. Though their product quality was excellent, they didn’t have the bandwidth or knowledge to see consistent growth on Amazon. We partnered with Origin to create a tailored strategy that increased sales and brand presence on Amazon.

What Revstep Did

Optimized all listings

Changed and updated images

Implemented strategic marketing and promotions that increased sales volume

Backend Optimization:

  • Maximized high search volume keywords
  • Created Parent-Child variation listings
  • Daily account management


  • Increase sales / units ordered
  • Increase traffic (sessions)
  • Increase conversions rate


  • 1,453% increase in Sales $
  • 1,224% increase in Units Ordered
  • 1,044% increase in Sessions

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