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Dr. Zigs

After declining in sale by 16%, Dr. Zigs entrusted RevStep with their Amazon account. Over the course of the next 4 months Revstep was able to change the trajectory of their sales for a 79% INCREASE in sales compared to the same months from the previous year.

Dr. Zigs Sales Increase by +43%!

Client Managed

Jul 2017 – Mar 2018

RevStep Managed

Mar 2018 – Current

The situation

The Situation

Dr. Zigs had an Amazon presence for some time in the UK before we teamed up with them to help boost their UK sales. They were getting frustrated with declining sales in an industry that was rapidly getting more competitive. They came to Revstep with big desires to increase sales and be more competitive.
Dr. Zigs had somewhat consistent sales in 2018 and 2019. Near the end of 2018 Dr. Zigs experienced a decline in sales from what they determined to be more competition on Amazon. Revstep took over in February of 2020. We focused on optimizing the listings, better images and created ad smart campaigns that increased sales while maintaining low ACOS. The results of our efforts were clear. 

What Revstep Did

Optimized all listings

Changed and updated images

Implemented strategic marketing and promotions that increased sales volume

Backend Optimization:

  • Maximized high search volume keywords
  • Created Parent-Child variation listings
  • Daily account management


  • Increase sales / units ordered
  • Increase traffic (sessions)
  • Increase conversions rate


  • 79% increase in Sales Orders
  • Lower ACOS
  • Happy clients

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