Listing Optimization

Potential customers are not likely to buy your products unless they can find them on page one of their search. World class listing optimization is the first step to building a successful Amazon business. The Amazon A-9 algorithm ranks Amazon products and decides which products to feature on the first page.  While the exact algorithm is not public knowledge, ever changing best practices regarding competitive keywords, optimal image specifications and listing organization determine your search visibility.  RevStep account managers take great pride in following best practices, improving client seller rankings and getting first page search results for client products.

Advertising & PPC Management

One of the easiest ways to throw money away on Amazon is to run marketing/ PPC campaigns without an adequate knowledge of efficient Amazon marketing strategies.  Using proprietary software that crawls the backend of Amazon search patterns, RevStep account managers are able to manage marketing campaigns to create efficient spend and maximum ROIs.  Dedicated account engineers at RevStep monitor add campaigns multiple times per day adjusting spending limits, time of spend and a host of other variables to gather data and improve efficiency.  As data is collected over time, marketing campaigns are refined to increase margins and maximize ACOS.

Brand Management

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos said, “A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person.  You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.”  RevStep was founded by entrepreneurs that built several of their own brands on Amazon.  After several successful launches, companies from around the globe began soliciting their Amazon account management services and RevStep was born.  Largely due to their own experience, RevStep developed a system for managing the backend of Amazon.  Account managers monitor everything from review campaigns, customer questions, inventory levels, IPI scores and seller notifications as if each product was their own.  With over 20+ years of combined experience, RevStep recognizes that building a brand is a “hard thing” and we continue to do it well for each one of our clients.

Consultation and Logistics

With years of experience Revstep has learned how to move products around the world most efficiently. Import taxes in the US and VAT in the EU can be tricky to navigate. Revstep will not only get you to the next level on your current Amazon account we can consult with you on best practices in expanding to other countries.